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JNJ Photo, LLC

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A couple of friends and myself realized this summer that a cool way to start a business using our passions could be through photography, and what better way to pioneer this sort of venture than senior photos! We decided to take a more unconventional route than typically done by people our age and went fully professional. This meant purchasing an LLC, as well as all of the other tasks that come with starting a business. I decided to take up the website as my own responsibility. I knew that it had to stand out from the rest, but also be functional and portray us to a similar level of our competition- creating a standard site using Weebly, or Squarespace quickly proved not to be viable for our needs and our budget. Because of this, I decided to start from the ground up instead and code it from scratch. I used the React.js framework, known as Next.js for the core of the site. While I have had experience with Next in the past, this was a great opportunity to take advantage of its amazing features for image optimization, and even serverless functions. I managed to create a fully functional booking page- with the help of Calendly, and I am really happy with how it turned out!

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Want to view the code?

Due to privacy reasons, I am deciding to keep the repository private, but if you want to have a chat about the development of the site, feel free to reach out to me through email at jke.hrpr@gmail.com!