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This Website!

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For me, the 'portfolio' website has always been an obligatory part of learning a new website or framework- and when it came time to learn Next and React.js it was no exception. While this website has gone through multiple different iterations, the live one is undoubtedly the most polished. Powered by Next, as mentioned, I also tried to experiment with multiple other frontend and backend frameworks back-and front-end available. On the frontend, I use Bootstrap and Framer Motion for crisp and easy multi-device optimization and clean exit and entry animations for page transitions. I also use partcles.js on the first page to create the cool upward and random motion circles' on the landing page.

On my most recent iteration of the website, I added a CMS, also known as a content management system. This working in unison with Next's 'Static Side Generation' feature allows me to update my products page with ease while also delivering hyper-fast static HTML on the client-side (it even will add new articles without requiring a redeployment)!

If you are interested in viewing the code, feel free to do so here and feel free to let me know how I can improve!